About Me

It’s all about the creative exhilaration one gets when elements are placed inside four plain walls and you get something magical. Finding the right spot for that delicate vase, picking the right drapery scheme or creating the perfect centerpiece for your table is all part of that magic.

My name is Colleen, I’m a wife and a mother and I love to decorate.
I’ve created Sugar Sweet Homes to help you make your dream space, even if it’s just one room or your entire house. I’ll showcase and help give you some concept ideas that you can work into your own individual taste and I’ll share with you some of my favorite ways to beautifully decorate while keeping the costs down.  

Is your style vintage, shabby Chic or maybe you lean towards traditional or contemporary. Let’s explore and transform your house into a home.



*Images used in this blog are found on the internet and other sources and Sugar Sweet Homes does not claim ownership unless otherwise stated.  We are simply using them for illustration purposes for style and inspiration for informational purposes.*

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