My New Craft Closet

Turned an office closet into a craft closet…and I Love it!!!! It was super easy to make and cost only $150 (I splurge a lil on my 3 draw cabinet. Here are the instruction below….


Office Craft Closet


So the first thing I did of course was clean out the closet…


Then off to Home Depot for some supplies:

  • Melamine sheet $38 (4′x8′ and 3/4″ thick)  I made sure I had measured inside the closet atleast 5x for all the shelves and table top, because I had them cut at Home Depot
  • Shelf brackets
  • Cabinets w/3 draws $109
2014-02-16 12.05.50

Melamine Shelves @ Home Depot

Now time to put the cabinet pieces together and install it inside the closet, that process took a while:

2014-02-06 12.47.06

My doggie taking a nap, before we even get started, lol

2014-02-06 12.40.58

Got hubby putting the cabinet together for me while I read the directions

craft closet

Hubby measures and re-measures to make it perfect


Screwed in cabinet and adding draws

Here you can see we added the shelves and table top.  All of the shelves (upper, lower, side and table top came from the same sheet of melamine)


Craft closet half done

Craft closet w/upper and side shelf

Craft closet w/upper and side shelf


And Voila…Craft Closet is done!!!


Finished Craft Closet

Finished Craft Closet


I Love this DIY project and hope you do to and inspires you to make your own!  If you have any questions…I’m an email away and don’t forget to sign-up to our newsletter for the latest finds and projects!!!

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